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Inspiration and About Us

I am a mom, wife, health care consultant, and advocate. I am a lover of urban and rural, of luxe and simple, of highbrow and the lowest of brow. I’m a believer, a skeptic, and a seeker. It is through all of these lenses that I examine approaches to natural beauty and wellness. 

I have loved natural products for many years but truly invested in them when I became pregnant with my elder daughter. I became increasingly aware of what I ate and put on my body – and theirs. My daughters remain the inspiration behind all of my explorations into green beauty, healthy living and wellness. They and my love for green beauty inspired me to start my blog several years back, and my continued love for this industry has helped me realize this shop.

Verdant Beauty calls to mind my love of all things natural, a love my mom shared with me as far back as I can remember. Growing up, she would take me to see what was “new in the garden.” My grandparents took me on nature walks, educated me on gems and plants, and taught me all about birds and their calls. A love of nature is something I now share with my husband, and a gift I share with my children.

Verdant is about going back to the earth, the natural, and the simple. And yet, it also calls to mind lush, complex, flowering, fertile. Is is luxe, heady and complex. And so it goes with green beauty; sometimes it’s complex, sometimes simple. It can be luxurious and extravagant or DIY.

There are many ways to explore simpler and healthier changes without sacrificing luxury or comfort. Through Verdant Beauty, I hope to share some of my favorite findings, raise awareness, initiate dialogue, and continue my own explorations.

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