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Active Enzyme Exoliator

Josh Rosebrook

Active Enzyme Exoliator

$ 60.00

This professional treatment works to brighten, firm, soften and resurface skin. Potent plant, herb and fruit enzymes gently slough off dead skin cells while finely ground walnut shells mechanically reveal new skin. This dual-action exfoliation creates results that are visibly better than either method alone. Our herb and fruit enzymes successfully dissolve the bond between dead and live skin cells, so the granules can do their job more easily manually exfoliating the skin. Potent anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant agents together produce a powerful plant synergy to regenerate and reset the skin’s natural healing process. Nutrient dense plant oils and active, raw honey moisturize, transform and repair delivering instant, visible radiance and renewal.

Ingredients: Organic honey, Organic vegetable glycerin, Organic lecithin, Organic herbal extracts of Neem leaf, Yucca Root, Sage, Stevia Leaf, Eyebright, Coneflower (Echinacea), Fennel powder, Horsetail, Bilberry, Chickweed, Comfrey, Slippery Elm, Peppermint, Bladderwrack, Lavender flowers, Calendula flowers, White willow bark, Skullcap, Gingko leaf, Green tea, Alfalfa, Hawthorne berry, Gotu kola, Marshmallow root, St. john's wort, Yerba mate, Solomon's seal root, Rosemary leaf, Papaya enzyme, Walnut shells, Plant-sourced xanthan gum, Organic Oils of Lemon, Cypress, Fennel. 

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